What is a Real Believer?

We do not admit anyone into the Assembly unless an individual or group is in complete harmony with the essentials of our Faith, which are outlined in our sacred articles, based on the Scriptures, Holy Tradition and enforced through both the Ecumenical Councils and by local Councils (Divine Decrees through Apostolic Letters, Encyclicals, etc.). This does not, however, indicate that those who are not in agreement with what we proclaim as essential are not believers in some form or fashion.

The simplicity of true religion allows for a variety a major diversity in practice and worship. The record of the first century Assembly as shown in the Scriptures indicates that those who come to God in spirit and in truth are measured by the Lord to be His people. We are not to forget in the same line of thought that the Scriptures and Apostolic Tradition also give us guidelines to follow in what is not acceptable worship as well as guidelines on determining what is considered to be heresy as far as doctrine is concerned.

As has been stated before, the Assembly consists of many nationalities, cultures, each person bringing to the table their own unique practices and understanding as to how they each should worship God with guidance in Holy Scripture. What unites us all is first our acceptance on an individual basis the saving gift of Messiah, and then the essentials of the Holy Faith. Our love toward each other as brothers and sisters in Messiah should be enough for us to tolerate those who have differing views on a range of topics without comprising the core truths, the essentials of our Faith.

We are followers of Messiah first; we are the Assembly of Jerusalem second. We, each and every one of us, have different backgrounds. We all approach and come near the Lord in many different techniques and ways. As Believers, we have our core beliefs, but we also have diverse practices, an assorted vocabulary at times, and these minor things is what makes us unique within the larger Body of Messiah – but our main goal should be to follow Messiah in His footsteps and into full Torah observance.

May each of us renew our consecration to the Sacred Heart of Messiah and the gracious and perfect love and mission of our Blessed Mother Miriam, to have love and understanding of our neighbour and more than ever toward our very own brothers and sisters in the Lord, proclaiming unashamed our most holy Faith.

May each of us also make good our dedication to living out the Message of St. Michael to our Beloved St. Timotheos of Lisbon concerning our maintaining a pure and clean house as well as sharing the Good News of Messiah in such a manner that anyone and everyone may comprehend it and eventually and prayerfully come to appreciate and act upon it.

11 February 2004