Do Not Become Frightened

Shalom brothers and sisters,

Despite current conditions in the world, we must remain faithful to the Father’s Commandments and have faith in His promises. We must rely on the Ever-Present Yahweh and His Son Yeshua to help us through this day and the days to come.

When you look around and see the tragic and disastrous events taking place in the world do not become frightened to the point of losing your faith. In spite of the times being uncertain, El Shaddai’s protection is always sure. With a firm grip on Yeshua’s hand, he will bring you through the smoke of the turmoil and into the light of salvation.

Comfort your spiritual brothers and sisters. Be of assistance to your family, both believers and unbelievers during these times. Do not permit anxiety to overcome you.

May each of us remain steadfast in our service to our Heavenly Father.

May Yahweh bless you.